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Floodlight manufacturers briefly describe the cooling materials of LED floodlights

2020-03-06 13:52:55

The housing of the flood light manufacturer is made of aluminum alloy to provide sufficient hardness. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of low price light weight, but its thermal conductivity is much worse than copper. Using a metal with higher thermal conductivity (such as aluminum copper) at the bottom can accelerate heat dissipation, but the thermal conductivity of the edge layer is limited to a certain extent. The lamp body is made of high-grade corrosion-resistant materials.

     What are the cooling materials for LED flood lights:

     1. Pure aluminum radiator: Early pure aluminum radiator was a common radiator, its manufacturing process is simple the cost is low. So far, pure aluminum radiators still occupy a considerable market share. In order to increase the heat dissipation area of the heat sink, the common processing method of pure aluminum radiators is aluminum extrusion technology. The main indicators for evaluating pure aluminum radiators are the thickness of the radiator base the thickness of the pins. Fin ratio. The greater the Pin-Fin ratio, the better the heat dissipation effect.



2. Copper-aluminum combination: These heat sinks are usually made of copper metal base, while the heat sinks are made of aluminum alloy. Of course, in addition to the copper base, there are other methods, such as using copper pillars as heat sinks, which is the same principle. The thermal conductivity is high, the copper bottom surface can quickly absorb the heat released by the CPU; aluminum fins can be made into a shape that is conducive to heat dissipation through a complex process, the floodlight manufacturer provides a large heat storage space rapid release. A balance was found in all aspects.

     The shell material is the appearance treatment of aluminum alloy die-casting electrostatic spray coating. The coating is resistant to high temperatures, acids alkalis, resistant to aging. The lamp body is integrated with the light source electrical appliances. The layout is compact. It is enough to achieve waterproof, light sensitive effects. The temperature aging silicone rubber hollow seal for industrial lamps is embedded in the mouth of the lamp. The penetration of the front-opening tempered glass is determined by the hinged locking device to ensure a longer lamp life.