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The heat dissipation technology of LED lamp head generally adopts the heat conduction plate method

2020-03-06 14:03:38

Outdoor lighting is an important project to enhance the vitality of the city, can also display the city's unique historical culture humanistic style. Driven by relevant national policies, the demand for the landscape lighting market will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. "The lighting editor said that we are very optimistic about the market prospect of landscape lighting. At present, we are focusing our resources on product development, production sales. We have introduced landscape lighting application products represented by the wall washer series to us. Market. "The professional lighting team can provide professional product customization development, professional lighting solutions other support services for the project. With rich industry accumulation strong product integration capabilities, wall washer manufacturers are confident to provide lighting products for more cities!

High-power LED wall washer. As the name implies, the light source is an LED, which projects a certain angle of light onto the inner layer of the PC cover. After multiple reflections refractions, the milky white PC cover forms a mixed color. Its interior becomes an area multiple areas, making the lampshade appear as a grid light area multiple grid light areas. It can control the rotation of one area multiple areas the effect of color change. Use digital controller external SD card to delete computer / same controls.


It can produce soft, short, colorful dreamy visual effects. The lighting effect passes through the walls of the building like water. It is also mainly used for exterior wall decoration of outdoor buildings. Used to outline large buildings. Wall washer manufacturers make the building more three-dimensional decorative. High-power LED wall washer has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich colors, convenient installation, long life, etc., so more more other light sources are gradually replaced by outdoor high-power LED wall washer. light. Options.

The heat dissipation technology of the LED lamp head generally adopts the heat conduction plate method, that is, a 5mm thick copper plate. In fact, it is a plate with uniform temperature, so the heat source is uniformly cooled. There are also radiators for cooling, but they are too heavy. Weight is very important in street lamp head systems. Generally, the height of the street lamp head is six meters more. If it is too heavy, the danger will increase, especially in the event of typhoons earthquakes, which may lead to accidents. Some domestic manufacturers use the world's pin cooling technology. Compared with the traditional chip radiator, the floodlight manufacturers have greatly improved the heat dissipation efficiency of the pin radiator. It can make the junction temperature of the LED 15 ℃ lower than that of a common radiator, has better waterproof performance. Ordinary aluminum profile radiators are better, while weight volume are also improved.