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2020-03-06 14:04:16

Series  parallel connection of LED lamp board  wide voltage: In order to make the rated input voltage range of LED wall washer AC85-265V, the method of series  parallel connection of LED board is very important. Because the current power supply is usually a non-blocking step-down power supply, when a wide voltage is required, the output voltage should  exceed 72V,  the input voltage range can reach 85-265V. In other words, the number of series does  exceed 23 character strings. The wall washer manufacturer advised  to connect too much in parallel, otherwise the rated current is too large  the heat is serious. The recommended values are 6  / 8  / 12. The total current does  exceed 240 mA. There is also a wide voltage plan, which is to use L6561 / 7527 to increase the voltage to 400V,  then reduce the voltage, which is equivalent to two switching power supplies, the price is twice that. The plan is  cost-effective  has no market.


Precautions for outdoor installation of LED high-power wall washer: fix the lamp with screws; connect the bulb to the power cord  wrap it with waterproof tape; pay attention to the upper limit of the number of strings when installing; confirm that all devices are faulty  the power can be connected. LED high-power wall washer manufacturers notice the impact during installation  transportation; before installing lighting equipment, you must ensure that the installation part of the product can withstand 10 times the weight of the product,  it will  shake after installation; the installation process uses LED power Compatible product data; disassembly of lighting is prohibited; if the fruit is well developed, it needs to be stopped immediately.

With its excellent quality, advanced technology, strong stability, beautiful lighting effects  complete functions, the outdoor LED wall washer has successfully undertaken outdoor landscape lighting projects. As the name implies, the LED wall washer allows water to flush on the wall like water. They are also mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, but also used to outline the outline of large buildings. LED lighting wall washer has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich colors  long life. The exterior wall of the whole building adopts advanced technology to enhance its lighting  dyeing effect, showing the colorful LED outdoor wall washer. The night scenery adds essential style  charm,  also becomes a tourist attraction  a place for meteors, adding another colorful coat to its iconic characters.