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What is the reason why the heat generated by LED will be quickly dissipated

2020-04-09 09:28:35

LED wall washer manufacturers are now commonly used in bridges, outdoor advertising, exterior walls other places. Due to the energy saving, environmental protection, durability reliability of LED light sources, they have gradually replaced the traditional wall washer. High-power LED wall washer may be used more. Before choosing LED wall washer for lighting design, we need to understand the projection height of LED wall washer. The projection height of the high-power LED wall washer has a great relationship with the luminous angle. Generally, there are three angles: narrow (about 20 degrees), medium (about 50 degrees) wide (about 120 degrees). Of course, there are other unconventional angles. The narrower the angle, the more concentrated the light. The projection height is usually 5-20 meters. The projection height the luminous power also have a certain relationship.洗墙灯厂家


The heat generated by the LED will be quickly dissipated to protect the LED light source (LED chip) damage due to heat accumulation. Since the heat dissipation performance of the substrate is improved, a larger area LED light source can be installed. Obviously you can increase the brightness of the LED reduce the manufacturing time cost. Integrating the circuit structure the LED light source on one substrate can reduce the volume cost. The thickness of the substrate is 0.1-1.5 mm. The light emitting device includes a substrate, the substrate is a sheet-like body made of alumina ceramic material.

     Including the charging contact, the second input contact the lead of the positive electrode welding pin are arranged on the back of the film substrate, the wall washer manufacturer is electrically connected to the positive electrode welding pin through the through hole on the upper plate. The thin film substrate on the upper plate includes an extended charging end. The charging contact is arranged on the front side of the charging terminal of the film substrate. The lead wire positive welding leg of the second input contact extend to the back of the charging terminal of the film substrate. The charging contact the lead extending to the back of the charging terminal of the film substrate are electrically connected through the through hole in the film substrate.