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Dongfo Lighting won the 8th Golden Finger Award "LED Wall Washer Brand"

2020-04-09 15:29:07

On December 22, the 8th Golden Finger Awards Ceremony was held at the Platinum Hanjue Hotel in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The award ceremony was guided by the China Lighting Society hosted by the China Lighting Network. More than 800 people on-site witnessed this industry event. Foshan Dongfo Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. won the title of "LED Wall Washer Brand Award".IMG_9955.png  The "Golden Finger Award" is a comprehensive award for the Chinese lighting industry created by the China Lighting Network under the guidance of the China Lighting Society. It is one of the influential authoritative awards in the lighting industry. Since its establishment in 2011 to the present, the Golden Finger Award has continuously innovated led the development of the industry. While continuously discovering new technologies for the industry, setting benchmarking projects, cultivating high-quality composite talents, it has affected tens of thousands of lighting companies Growth development have become a grand event for the domestic lighting industry.
   Dongfo Lighting won the title of "LED Wall Washing Lamp Brand Award", reflecting the recognition of many experts scholars in the industry for the strength of the Dongfo Lighting brand. Dongfo Lighting has always focused on the lighting business, producing high-quality wall-washing lights, line lights, flood lights other lighting products. The products have been used in domestic foreign engineering cases have been well received by customers.