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Dongfo Lighting Lights Wanzhou Pailou Yangtze River Bridge

2020-04-10 09:24:17

The Chongqing Pailou Yangtze River Bridge, formerly known as the "Three Bridges of the Yangtze River in Wanzhou", is a river crossing channel in the Wanzhou District of Chongqing City, China.


  Under the night view, the Pailou Yangtze River Bridge is decorated with lights, like a golden long dragon, lying on the Yangtze River. At night, the lights are changing, the bridge is like a rainbow fluttering, beautiful, beautiful beautiful.

微信图片_20200410091136.jpg  This time, we used Dongfo Lighting to carefully design the secondary light distribution ultra-long-distance narrow beam floodlight. The floodlight was installed under the middle cable of the bridge projected along the direction of the cable to the main tower of the bridge, corresponding to each The length of the cable uses different power angle lamps, 300W-1000W RGB flood light.